About Us


Hoss and Home Co was born out of necessity. We needed body products that could accommodate our different skin types (sensitive, eczema, and mature). We each have had our issues with commercial brand products. So we went back to the basics when products were simpler and more effective. With us having children in the home, we needed candles and wax melts that wouldn't be harmful. So we carefully picked the best wax blends (in our opinion) and clean burning scents for all of our candle and wax melt products. And lastly we couldn't forget the place where we have the most fun and make lasting memories: our home. This section is coming soon. It will be our goal to make products that are unique and long lasting. We will use food grade epoxy and wood as our mediums to work with. Each home needs pieces that make a bad day better.  

And who is the we? Willie & Shmeetra Hoskins owners & founders. But if you asked our daughters, Lynda & Kaitlyn they really think they own it. They are the lil CEOs.

So welcome to our village! 

*Feel free to contact us with any comments or questions.